I created Phase Anatomy because I want to change the world. Okay, I know. I know. I should have higher aspirations. Don’t worry, I’ll try. (cue in evil laugh)

For quite a while now I have been immersed in the nursing world. When I say, “awhile” I take into account my years under my mother. She was a nurse. So, her years spent in training and in nursing counts because I was exposed to all that is nursing, the good, the bad, and the really-really ugly. So, you can say that I have extracurricular life experience. Those dang ol’ nasty dinner conversations should count for something.

In my career I have taken on a variety of roles in nursing. I have crossed over into the dark side of education and leadership. I have even been tempted to drink the Kool-Aid. Yet, I resisted. Stepping into those worlds caused me to be perplexed. We tell our students, our staff, and colleagues to be more resilient with the increasingly complex dynamic environment, that is our current healthcare system. We tell them to “buck up” or “suck it up”. We tell and tell and tell. We keep telling but we don’t show…we don’t teach our most valued assets (our colleagues and ourselves) how to be resilient, how to work as teams, how to have those crucial confrontations, how to hold people accountable, how to reduce stress, etc., etc. In fact, we clutch onto the really, really ugly side of nursing. We use this ugliness as a badge of honor. This ugliness isn’t nursing it’s a cry for what needs to be fixed. In healthcare terms it is a symptom of a larger problem that we can SOLVE!

I’m here to teach everyone how to LET IT GO! Let go of the ugliness. I want to change the world through challenging the status quo. I hate the phrases, “That’s just the way we do things.” or “That’s the way we do things here.” In fact, I have an allergic reaction that causes me to twitch at the eye and break out in conformity hives. It’s rare and can only be cured by creative innovative ideas. STAT! If we learn how to question we can learn how to harness our potential…if we harness our potential we can develop it in others. Do you see the evil plan? There is always a better way. Ready, set, let’s start…NOW!

hero grandma


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