Phase Anatomy is about revealing and talking about “that which must not be named” in nursing, nursing education, and nursing leadership.

In doing so, we give these challenges less power and create change through innovative “out of the box” solutions.

I believe creative, humorous, and learner centered education is the key to engaging individuals and developing life long learners.

I know that I don’t learn through “death by PowerPoint”. In fact, I have difficulty concentrating if I sit too long. There are many of us like that. Due to that type of educational strategy learning has gotten a bad rep.

The crazy thing is that….learning is fun!

Phase Anatomy is here to let that cat out of the bag. My goal is to empower individuals to embrace their innate curiosity and question the status quo to create a better present….NOW!

Through educational and entertaining blogs, videos, and in-person coaching. I break down into easily consumable tid-bits that link prior knowledge to the new material to help you build onto what you already know.

Knowledge is power!

Through understanding how things work you can change the world in a positive way. Even if that means just changing where you work, how you study, or interact with your colleagues.

The use of positive reinforcement, feedback, and strength based teaching creates the environment for success.

That’s just how Phase Anatomy rolls.

I provide education to clinical nurse educators, students, and nurses in the trenches to empower them to become leaders for a new generation of critical thinkers.

Join me in learning and having fun. It will help you personally and professionally. Let the nursing revolution begin!

Question, Laugh, Play, Create, and THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

Please contact me with any questions or if you would like me to present and coach to your target audience to engage your students/nurses on a new level.


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